Merry Christmas



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No more let sins and sorrows grow
Nor thorns infest the ground
He comes to make
His blessings flow
Far as the curse is found!


Hail State!

We took the kids to their first State game in November. They loved the game, campus, tailgating and of course, ringing cow bells. Elliot was also a big fan of the popcorn :)

It was such a treat to see my dear friends Meredith (high school and college) and Annah Mary (college), along with both of their sweet families. Nana and Papaw met us there, and we spent time with Lance’s cousins and uncle too. It was a great day.






Halloween 2014

Halloween has always been fun, but Halloween with two little boys is just the best. We were able to do all of our favorite fall/Halloween things this year. First, Hey Day at church. It was so hot that day that we had to change the costumes at the last minute. Chris Kratt and a little football player.




Tate Farms! This year we went with our fun playgroup we’ve been a part of since Elliot was a baby.



Decorating pumpkins together at Nana’s in Mississippi.


Elliot’s school has a cute Halloween program and then a party for each class.

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Trunk-or-treat at my parents’ church with Bumblebee and Captain America. Grana painted those cute pumpkins.

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Clint & Leah’s annual Halloween party! The kids so look forward to going to their house every year. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Clint and Leah’s new baby could be in these pictures next year?? So exciting to think about!

Trick-or-treating was super cold, but still fabulous :)



The cousins shot. I don’t even want to think about how huge they look compared to last year!




Our soon-to-be cousin

Our family is beyond excited that Clint and Leah are adopting a baby! They’re very close to being finished with their home study, and we can’t wait to see how God works out the details to grow their family.

Walt and Elliot are thrilled to be getting a new cousin. Here’s a little present they gave Leah and Clint recently as they are working on the baby’s cute yellow and gray bedroom.


The pictures I would have posted

…if I hadn’t taken such a very long break. (Just added more storage space to WordPress, so we are back in business! Yay!)

Christmas 2013:

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Elliot lost his long hair…and his little crib in February.

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We had to work for a while on staying in the big boy bed, but he’s doing well now. We hope to move Walt into Elliot’s room soon so they can share :)

We had lots of snow this past winter. So fun!

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Elliot turned THREE in April. He wanted an orange cake (his favorite color) with Lightning McQueen and Dusty on top. Sweet boy.

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Easter 2014

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Walt graduated from pre-k in May. He had such a great 4s class, and we loved his teachers. So thankful Elliot still has 2 more years at our sweet little preschool.

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This summer we had VBS, fun trips to Mississippi and a trip to the beach with our dear friends, the Halls.

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School started back, and we have a kindergartener! Walt was a little nervous the first day, but he really loves his school and is having a great year so far. Elliot started the 3s class and loves his new teacher.


IMG_0675 IMG_0747

Walt turned SIX in August and celebrated with his three best buddies and mini golf. He still loves animals and still loves the Wild Kratts :)

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This has been a bit of a hard year. We lost my sweet Grandmama Libby, my mother’s mother, this past May. I’ve wanted to write a post about her, but it’s so hard to put into words how special she was and what a huge blessing she was to our family. I love this picture I found recently of her and my wonderful Granddaddy, taken on Christmas several years back. I was blessed to grow up right down the road from them, and they always made all of our family feel so loved. It’s a joy to know they are together now, both well again, and most importantly, with their Savior. We miss them very much, but we know we will see them again one day.




We’re still here!

I didn’t mean to take such a long break from posting here. There’s no way I can catch up on 10 months worth of pictures, but I may add some of our favorites from the past few months before I hopefully get back on track. I miss being able to easily look back and see what my boys have been up to!

A few shots of summer… In Mississippi at Lance’s parents’ house and here at my parents’. They always wanted to play in water and most days could be found wearing superhero pajamas. It was a good summer.

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2 years, 7 months, 11 days…

Today, this little guy is 2 years, 7 months, 11 days old.

IMG_9181 - Version 2

When Elliot was born, his big brother was 2 years, 7 months, 11 days. I’ve always wondered what Elliot would be like when he got to be this age. He seems a lot younger to me than Walt did. I’m sure it’s because he’s my “baby”, and that’s just fine :)

Here’s Walt on the way to the hospital to meet Elliot for the first time. (Wearing clothes that fit Elliot now.)


DSC01474 DSC01490IMG_9220

Now my big boy is 5 years, 2 months, 22 days old.


So excuse me while I go cry and watch video of the first time they met and their first few days at home together…. Walt holding Elliot and singing to him and saying, “He’s so little. He’s so cute.” Ahhhhh!!! It will kill me but these boys were, and still are, so precious. On days like today, I’m even more aware of what a huge blessing it is to get to be their mom.


First little love note…

This morning I came home from a walk and found this sweet little note from my boys, by Walt:


He had also decided to pick up all of his toys in the den and clean up his room and Elliot’s room (with a little help from Lance.) He was so proud of himself. So precious. Totally made my day. Lance has been off the past few days, and it’s been SO nice to have him home. We’re going to miss him when he has to go back to work!

Wild life in the garage!

Last Saturday, Walt spotted a screech owl perched on our open garage door. It flew inside and spent several hours on some clippers on top of a shelf. Needless to say, this made Walt’s week. He kept saying this owl knew that a nature-lover lived here, so he felt safe enough to visit! And, “He must hear me watching Wild Kratts, so he knows I like to learn about animals!” :)

IMG_9222 - Version 2

After a long nap, and once it got dark, our little friend flew away. Walt drew this picture of him. I think he’s going to be talking about this fun visitor for a while.